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Today’s technology and C&C’s expertise has given concrete contractors a safer, and more cost-effective concrete placement method, previously unavailable. Concrete pumping and finishing demands a commitment from our employees, equipment, and most importantly, our customer’s needs. We utilize all our resources to execute innovative pumping and placing techniques along with creative management to develop workable solutions for every job-sites.

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Committed To Safety, Quality and Service.

Many of our loyal customers come back to us time and time again for the kind of service they’ve come to expect. From day one on your job-site until the project’s completion, C&C is here to help you pump, place, and profit. When you are looking for a company committed to safety, quality workmanship, ethics, and service excellence, look no further.

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Fully Certified

We understand that with experience, also come validation. We are proud to announce that at C&C we have the following certifications:
• Texas Minority Certification
• Texas Hub Certification
• A.C.I. Certified Finishers
• A.C.P.A. Certified Operators

Our Services

Specializing in Concrete and Construction Projects

Concrete Pumping

Save your back the trouble. Reaching over, under, and far away from the trucks to pour concrete quickly and accurately.

Concrete Finishing

Timing is crucial with finishing and we pay close attention to the condition of the concrete to avoid improper finishing techniques that can lead to a weak or unattractive slab.

Concrete Polishing

Our multi-step process transforms old, worn concrete surfaces into attractive floors. Mechanically ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives to be finally refined.

Concrete Repairs

Fixing hardened concrete surface that, over time, has lost its ability to hold the binding materials together. We are here to fix cracks,physical impacts, and surface scaling.

High Rise Placing Boom and Finishing

Conventional truck-mounted pumps cannot place concrete directly from the pump line’s hose above the fourth floor. Placing booms overcome that problem!

Specialized Concrete Pours

We consider size, shape, color, finish and the complexity of every project when pouring our concrete. Handling each project in detail for that perfect finish.

Art Deco Driveway and Patio

Functional and stylish. This frequently used space will be exposed to tyre marks, oil spills and general wear. But we can give you the 30’s feel to last a lifetime

& Many More Services

Paving, coping, walls and more. When you are ready to start your project we are ready to receive your call.

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“C&C Concrete Pumping was able to complete my job in a very timely manner and excellent service. Their crew was very attentive to detail and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome. 10/10!”

Ronaldo Gomez
Co-founder & CEO
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